Sincerest Flattery

Is this a real word? Is this just imaginary?Caught in spellcheck, no escape from the red lineOpen your eyes, look up to the dictionaries and seeI’m just a poor boy, I need thesaurusesBecause I’m word crazy, bit gaga, little verb, little objectAnyway the words fly… Mama, Just killed a plotPut a pen against his head,… Read More »

Murder From The Past

Douglas was sitting on a comfy chair in the offices of Governor. It was the first time he was there but he found the aesthetics to be quite appealing to his minimalistic style sense. There were but couple of decorations and those were of personal nature to the Governor. A picture frame with an image… Read More »

For The Emperor

The creaking of deck hid the groans and moans of the wounded as the main turret broke loose and fell from its mount. It skidded slowly towards the railing pulling the mechanism for loading it along with it from the hole it had been. Marcate started to curse until he could not think anything more… Read More »

El Montero #vss365

“They say that #willow weeps when a hero dies.”, Montero said and steadied the gun. “I wondered if that was true but now we can test it out.” He looked at the woman holding a baby. “Will you cry?” The man on his knees and holding his stomach tried to turn but failed. #vss365 Montero… Read More »