Black Manor #vss365

By | 13/07/2019

Lady Miranda flicked her crop close to the privates of the naval officer. She could not recall his name but he was not her client anyway. “Always remember that some men are all macho out there but in the Black Manor, we peel away that #veneer by applying little pain.” #vss365

“Money is like poison and can slowly change you.” Lady Miranda said. “But money is a trivial thing. “, she pointed at the new girl surrounded by powerful men. “Power is worse as you can get injected by its #venom and suddenly you are better than others in your mind.” #vss365

Lady Miranda cut a thin slice of roasted boar and rolled it around a steamed carrot “Aagh, meat. I detest the smell of it.” Said Linnea from the west wing of the Manor. “It is fine to be a #vegan in one’s tastes but I rather not limit myself for just one type of pleasure.”#vss365

Lady Miranda read the edict. “These demands are outrageous.” Minister Culler just smiled at that as he had the backing of the Senate. “However as citizens of the Empire, we must abide. But that means removing the #veil of secrecy on clients.” That caused Culler to pale. #vss365

The heel tapped to the nose of a nobleman on all fours as Lady Miranda moved her toes while lounging on the divan. She sighed. “Erica, it is getting rather bothersome to find new #vice to fill this void inside me. Maybe…” “No more smoking!” Erica countered harshly. “”#vss365

“A #vacation? From whence did you get that idea little girl?” Lady Miranda smiled broadly while saying it. “Sure, you are free to leave for your vacation whenever you want. Just clean your room before you go, Agatha can move in. When you return, you can use her dorm bed.” #vss365

“Ah, what is the point.” Lady Miranda got up and poured wine. “I was promised an Opera Seria and what I got was barely an Opera Buffa.” She ignored the mewling “You need to learn what a Duet means and your #cadence is Agitato but, Oh, so short.” Miranda hated composers. #vss365

“I am not sorry that I am not more to your liking as it is not my job to be what you want.” Lady Miranda was fuming and the old man was trying to get a word in. “Say that word again, I dare you.” She said with fire in her eyes. “#demure? “The crop landed on his lips. #vss365

As with each new girl entering the Manor a certain effect always happened and it bemused Lady Miranda. The girl was sitting and a reverse #maelstrom of predators circled her. Those of less power and wealth being scattered to the fringes. She smiled as the bidding started. #vss365

“In my days there was much more handsome men strolling around in the Manor. They were more intelligent and classy too. These young guys, they know nothing of poetry, nor of…” Alinda closed the door silently and left Madame Ylva alone to allow her #reminisce in peace. #vss365

Alinda looked at the clothes of the new girl, Jessal. She could not fit in them even if she stopped eating but they were very pretty. “Alinda. You better forget those thoughts right now.” Alinda nearly jumped as she was surprised by Lady Miranda. “#waif look is a fetish.” #vss365

Lady Miranda was getting worried over Alinda. All the new girls had caused her to be depressed. They were mere chickweed so she could not understand why it bothered Alinda so much. Ylva said “#epheremal, they are ephemeral. Men fancy them a while making curvy girls worry.”#vss365

The laughter echoed around the main lounge as Lady Miranda was making the glasses vibrate. Her past as a singer was evident. She slowly stopped her laughter and wiped her eyes. “If you seek that, you are in the wrong place, my dear. This is Black Manor, not #love Manor. #vss365

“Alinda, you might think being the madame or lady of Black Manor is the #zenith of your existence but you are wrong.” Lady Miranda looked at her nails feeling bored. “This is not something to aspire for, this is a hiding place from the world. We failed out there and hid. #vss365

“What did you do to offend sir Chalke, girl?” Lady Miranda asked with the tone of a drill sargeant. “Nothing Lady. I was just laying there.” was the fearful answer. “No, no, no. #supine does not do here. That position is reserved for the clients.” Lady Miranda said. #vss365

Lady Miranda watched as Alinda stared at the thin girls. It was getting a bit annoying to see it daily. “Alinda, would you stop that? You will never be #lithe like those girls. You have a good rounded at all the right places body type.” Lady Miranda hated being the mother#vss365

Lady Miranda watched as another suitor came to court one of the girls. Such a show of emotions but it would end in tears as no noble family would welcome a girl from the Black Manor. “I remember when I down there with a suitor. Such emotional fire and now mere #frisson. #vss365

“Ylva, what are you doing with my #gossamer gowns?” Lady Miranda asked while the old woman was rummaging through the wardrobe. “Dressing up and then dollying up. Sir Regis came for me.” Miranda asked, “Elder or younger?” Ylva smiled, “Youngest of course.” “Take the red.” #vss365

“Black list that swine, Cockburnspath. Inform the guards to never let him on the grounds. He is banned forever. No, I write to inspector McKella.” Lady Miranda screached and hammered the washbasin to pieces. Ylva asked, “That #vile?” Miranda nodded, “He likes children.” #vss365

“You are right Ylva. Calling upon McKella is what a #verdant person would do. I am as ripe as I can be so I need a better plan. I do wish to throw that cad to his mercies still. He might not kill him but McKella is a cruel man and makes him wish that he would kill him. ” #vss365

Alinda pulled the strings tight and then even tighter. The laces dug deep into her hands but she persisted. She let out a #breath that allowed her to pull the corset even tighter. She quickly laced them and gasped for air. She got a bit, but it was not enough. #vss365

Ylva looked at Alinda. The silly girl was still a bit bluish. Miranda was standing tall and not saying a word while holding the torn corset. Ylva always kept forgetting how strong she was. She had torn the laces and the corset off Alinda and then #silence reigned. #vss365

“Lady Miranda, do you #regret calling upon me?” She just looked at the chicken piece. It was not that McKella was ugly but knowing him made it disturbing to see him. “No, of course not. Why would I regret laying my neck on the executioner’s block?” His smile was impish. #vss365

“You flatter me Sar…” Miranda threw the chicken piece at McKella who swatted it to side. “NEVER! Never call me that again or you will be full of #regret.” She slammed the table as the air was flowing in and out of her nose like flames of a dragon. “My apologies, Lady.” #vss365

“I head about that noble. Did you call me due him?” McKella asked. Miranda squirmed a bit under his stare. He seemed to know everything. “No. There is this girl here, Alinda. She has body issues.” She said. McKella grabbed an apple, “Another #orion? He turned out fine.” #vss365

“I can take that girl and #patch her up for a price.” Miranda felt her heart fall at that. There was always a price. “Just tell what it is.” She steeled herself. “Emperor is coming to age and there will be a celebration, I want you to sing.” Miranda gasped for air, “No!” #vss365

“Black Manor has stood for a long time. A #century is but a page on the history but never in that long history has the Lady walked away. Walked away because she is afraid.” Ylva said with her most admonishing tone. Miranda wanted to quip something back but lacked words. #vss365

McKella walked into the bedroom of Lady Miranda as if he was at home. “So this is your secret #bolt-hole? Where you come to hide your inadequacies. I taught you better.” Miranda wanted to scream at him but battling his self-confidence was a war she would not win. #vss365

“Very well. I shall take the girl with me and we call it even.” McKella said while observing the people in the main hall like a hawk deciding on which rabbit to pounce on. Miranda left out a sigh of relief but asked, “Why?” “I know of #scars and I thought you were healed.”#vss365

Mckella listened on as the people in the hall were gossipping about him. He had made an appearance just for that effect. The listening tubes were not that good but the tidbits were enough for him. The #mythos surrounding him was rather fantastical but amusing to follow. #vss365

Madame Ylva waited at the doors as McKella was leaving. She had ice in her eyes but turned away after locking eyes with him. “I keep my part of the deal, Rose Queen Ylva. Do you?” Ylva opened the door. “I #protect Miranda with all I have. You get those names soon enough.” #vss365

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