George sees all #vss365

By | 13/07/2019

George picked up the headphones and put some loud music on. The Banshee twins had returned by the #voice coming from down the street. He looked out of the window and saw the pair with dishevelled hair coming to blows. Banshees are very territorial even against their twin. #vss365

George rubbed his eyes and the shimmering #veil surrounding the man was visible now. George tipped his hat and continued to the market. Merlin was an annoying man with his glamours hiding his true visage, those made George´s eyes sting. Vanity, thy name is Merlin. #vss365

George was in the throes of a deep #reminisce when the banging on his door woke him. He opened the door and looked at Hern the Hunter. “Yes?” “Avyer seun me ‘ounds? de buggers ran off again.” George pointed at the hill. “Tar lah.” It really had been better times way back. #vss365

“Darling, he loves you. You are not the easiest person to live with. I should know, you lived under my roof for twenty years.” George looked at the family photo while listening, the tail always got him to shiver. “See, this is what I mean. You #love yelling way too much.” #vss365

There was a racket on the doors of the market. George could see the mane on a bony frame making it hard to know it was a woman . She was denied access again. George hollered, “Belle Rofon!” causing the #chimera to flee, she hated the name and feared those who knew it. #vss365

Maud put a cup of tea on the table. “Another batch of floaties came today. Poor kids.” George just nodded and turned to look at the bus station with a group of people, horned and not. Cities were busy growing and poor were blown away by Progress, #flotsam of life. #vss365

The almost constant smell of the despair was undetectable. George could see people smiling a bit as he walked towards the Bahmar mansion. Even the decaying smell of the hill was nearly gone. He decided to take it as an omen and enjoyed the #petrichor. #vss365

Mister Backor emanated his presence like a steam vent. George held his gaze on him which caused Backor to laugh. “I like you, old man. You have a fine spine.” George replied “And you have a quite potent…#sillage.” That caused Backor to laugh, “Sillage, I like the word.”#vss365

“Floaties, yes. I know the trouble you speak.” Backor said and offered a gin to George. He refused as it gave him #vile indigestion as did Backor and the sulfuric stench. “Most of them are from your circles and I wondered if you would be of help?” Backor smiled at that. #vss365

“My circles? What are those?” Backor asked and his smile turned to ugly toothy grin. George could see actual holes in the teeth. “Immigrants from whence you come from.” he said. “Soul-eye, there are many circles. Some I know not. But I agree. Thing are going bad, any ideas?”

“This is new to us. All this growth. Just too much green things. We did not have that so we live in cities.” Backor said after opening the window. The view was great. The houses were not clearly visible but the #verdant woods were. He said, “You might like it out there.” #vss365

“I have warehouse. Not nice, some rats.” Backor said and opened the map program. “It is smelly place. Running water. You can have it.” George was startled at that. “I cannot afford it.” Backor laughed again and George wished he would not as the #breath was just too much. #vss365

“Have you ever wanted to go back?” George asked to pass time in the car. Backor was smoking which was preferable to smiling. “I #regret leaving. This place is cold. Rain, laws and Progress. I do not like. I miss home.” Backor was silent for a moment, “No going back.” #vss365

The warehouse was a wreck, the roof looked solid but walls had more holes than windows. “#orion belt?” Backor laughed, “I was new. Did not know language. Was selling leather for belt makers, funny yes?” George had to admit there was some humour in it. “Good one.” #vss365

George had looked over the place. It would work but there was a problem. He had seen a #patch of Harpies on the rafters. “Cannot use this, there are harpies here.” Backor smiled not as much as earlier but smiled still. “I know a man. Good exterminator. Sod harpies.” #vss365

The old woman had wrinkles on her wrinkles. She carried a cat in a box. George could not say how old she was but she looked #ancient. He tried to ignore her but seeing birds legs hanging out of the box, he said perhaps too loud. “Baba Roga.” She heard it and hissed to him.#vss365

Backor looked down into the warehouse from the office and actually was sombre. No smiles, not laughter just stern eyes surveying the gathered people. “This thing. Melt things. What you call it?” George walked to the window, “A #crucible.” “Yeah, that. Not disliking it.”#vss365

In the council meeting, issues advanced slowly if it could be called advancing when most were pushed to the next meeting. The backlog was years long by now. Galleries were filled with #lotus eaters acting as if they did something for the community. George yawned too. #vss365

George had started to notice a simple drawing appearing everywhere. It did not seem to bother others but he hated vandalism. “I am trying to find out about this #motif. Do you have any books on these?” The young librarian rolled her eyes, “Have you tried the internet?” #vss365

George woke up to a rapid knocking on his door. He stumbled to the door in the darkness and kicked a chair leg as he went. He glanced at the clock as he opened the door and saw the small timid-looking man. “Mr Somnus, it is #midnight. What is wrong?” “I cannot sleep…” #vss365

George called Somnus in and slid also the bolt in when closing the door. He had an ominous feeling about the situation. “Do you want some warm milk or something, Mr Somnus?” Somnus sat on the kitchen chair and sighed. “I have tried that and counting, so many sheep.” #vss365

Somnus looked into the teacup and sighed. “Turbulent times ahead. Tea leaves, bah!” George thought he saw something in the corner of his eye and quickly turned to look. The souvenir totem pole was rocking. “My boys are just running around still. I need to sleep soon. #vss365

Backor was feeling heartburn and kept belching to clear it but it did not help. He smelled the air and lumbered to the window. #fog was rising but that was not all. Something was off. It bothered him to not know what it was. Knowledge was his trade and secrets his cash. #vss365

“Boys are not really bad, just a bit rambunctious. I mean they are not really #sentient. They are more like fragments.” George was not interested of that as he was trying to avoid the flying items. He grabbed his old cricket bat and swung it like a baseball bat. #vss365

Backor was cackling in glee and hammering his knee. George could but smile at the genuine happiness emanating from the fellow. “Straight to the face!” Backor said before starting again. The waiter of the #bistro was hovering around and looking annoyed by the ruckus. #vss365

“A contract?” George asked. “Yes, proper deal needs contract.” Backor replied. “No. I give my word and if that is not enough, we part ways.” Backor twisted his hands and struggled to find words. “Contract is #iron clad. No need to trust anyone.” George grinned, “Try it.” #vss365

Backor took another drink to calm his nerves. Soul-eye could see who you are and still asked him to trust. It made no sense. It confused him and scared him. What was he to do? He recalled one word and it improved his #mood. His sillage was still there, such a funny word. #vss365

The traveller walked straight to George and handed him a pouch. “Grandmother told me to give this to you. It is a protection charm. Something #cosmic is going to happen soon. At least that is what she said.” George nodded and thanked the man wondering what was going on. #vss365

The rolls had a vanity plate which read PROG-1. George hated the vanity plates with a passion. The years on the road had taught him to know a lot about the vehicle by the plate but this #silver rolls with a dark shadow trailing it was an affront to his sensibilities. #vss365

George looked at the people who had come to town and ordered another bottle of #mythos. He wondered if his Greek vacation would have been better if they had brewed it back then. Probably not, it had been a nightmare as were the new people flaunting their black wings. #vss365

“Progress is there to ensure that things get done. We are a multi-division corporation which can help on multiple fronts. Rebuilding, demolishing old, and even medical research.” Mister Breglia said. George left early to #protect his sight. Glamours were hard to look at. #vss365

George saw a familiar hat with little crochet ducks moving behind his fence. He hurried to the street and stepped in front of the little lady. “Heavens! You scared me.” George apologized, “but where are you going Lady #psyche?” “Elsewhere, I do not want to be here now.” #vss365

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