El Montero #vss365

By | 27/07/2019

“They say that #willow weeps when a hero dies.”, Montero said and steadied the gun. “I wondered if that was true but now we can test it out.” He looked at the woman holding a baby. “Will you cry?” The man on his knees and holding his stomach tried to turn but failed. #vss365

Montero pushed the old man down but he clambered back each time like some roly-poly. He kept saying some gibberish, “Ve meree jindagee hain aur main unake lie kuchh bhee karata hoon.” He finally punched and kicked him before taking the prize #lotus he was paid to fetch. #vss365

The growl came naturally to Montero’s lips. He felt the heat rushing up from the gut towards the head. It made it easy to kill and hurt. He slammed his fists into the mirror and shattered it to dispel the #phantasm of his old self which haunted him, the useless coward #vss365

Montero hated working with a team. There was always some who thought they should be leading. The cutthroats and other such people tended to respect power, he complied. He grabbed a fan to wave off the cordite smell. “#smoke if you have them. It covers the smell of blood.”#vss365

Montero looked at all the #vintage cars. The jefe here was pretty loaded. Placing the C4 under the cars took a couple of minutes and would leave a lasting impression to both the owner and to the house. The team were running amok inside the house and the timer was running. #vss365

The woman had the same #braid as Silvina had. Jefe’s enforcers were dragging her back into the house. Montero shook his head and tried to dispel the images flooding into his mind. Silvina, Jose, and Carlota. He looked up at the dead men, sobbing woman and his smoking guns.#vss365

“This is going to #sting a bit.” Doctor Lòpez said and stuck the needle deep in the buttock of Montero. He wanted to use choice words but did not. Lòpez was one of the good guys. Worked for a pittance and refused the offers of local jefes. A stupid guy clearly but good. #vss365

The guns spat their deadly loads like ornery vipers as Montero advanced. “You fuckers thing you can #trick me? Trick Àngel Montero?” The rage was painting all red and when his bullets found their mark, even darker red. “I show you Río de la Plata pendejos who I am!” #vss365

“Run! Do not look back!” Montero screamed at the woman as he was stabbing the bodyguard with the bottle. He kept screaming that as he was being stabbed, shot and hit but his #fury paid all that back with dividends. “Run. Run…” He kept plunging the blade into Jefe’s face.#vss365

“Patch him up and dump him into the Perdòn #tunnel. Lock our end.” A voice of a woman said. “Miss, why bother?” after a short pause, “Forgiveness… We both need some of that but I don’t want him to be around as a reminder of my deeds.” #vss365

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