Red Fever #vss365

By | 27/07/2019

Ardo rolled away from the infected. He had lost his mace and had managed to escape by dropping the shield after being swarmed. He saw Toran leap high over him. From the #zenith of the arc, he brought down the hammer crumpling one of the infected and kicking others away. #vss365

Toran motioned Ardo to come where he was hidden in the undergrowth. From that vantage point, one could see the edge of the ancient city. The scene was #surreal. Gleaming see through walls everywhere above the ground floor where those were shattered by the infected. #vss365

“I know what this is. It is an old script.” Ardo said while Toran looked what was on the display. “Who cares, look at this fish. Uglier than Gran Mook.” Ardo spelt out slowly “Loophiformus from #aphotic zone.” Toran looked around as he asked. “What that means?” “No clue.” #vss365

Toran had stopped in the open. Ardo looked around startled. It could be one of the blind ones which reacted to movement. He could not see any around but he noticed the #beatific look on Toran’s face. Ardo took a deep breath and rushed to pull him from the flowers. #vss365

Toran was still bleary eyed from the corpse willow’s pollen.”Time to head back?” Ardo asked and counted the infected by the opening.”There is… Oh shit! There is a pair of azure down there.” Ardo started to head back pulling Toran along. They had to warm the camp. #vss365

The infected leapt towards Ardo but he was ready and swung the mace to meet the charge. The squishy sounds was always as disgusting but crushed head was the best way to eliminate them. It was very #lithe and sickly looking. No wonder they were so aggressive here. #vss365

Ardo looked at the skeleton of a big beast. It looked like a bear but bigger. Toran was still fighting the effects of the Corpse Willow and they had stopped in something called Usem. He examined the bones and those were #ancient. Older than the origin of Wasting. #vss365

Ardo was getting annoyed over Toran still being so befuddled. It had just been a corpse #willow. Sure they could trap you but when taken away from it, the effect dies quickly. For Toran to still be in the state could mean the plants were different here, more powerful. #vss365

Ardo had managed to get Toran back to scout camp who was still addled. He was himself also feeling bit unsettled and had started to chew some #lotus seeds to settle the stomach. No one had believed him about the Azures. Co-operating Azures was an oxymoron to all. #vss365

“I think you saw a #phantasm. Maybe you sniffed some dust.” Grye said with a belittling tone. Ardo wanted to scream at Grye but did not as he used to sniff. Once a sniffer, always a sniffer was how people thought about it. He just walked away from the meeting. #vss365

“Take no mind of Grye. He is a #craven man.” Ardo looked at Morda, “A what?” Morda shaved off a slice from the ham. “A coward. If you say you saw two Azures, I believe you. We know so little of this old continent even after three years. Rules are not the same here.”#vss365

“What do you mean there is smoke out there? Back at the main camp?” Grye asked clearly in the state of agitation. Ardo got closer and heard Numan say. “No, Out there, tens of signal fires by infected.” Ardo did not wait and ran to the tower to see it himself. #vss365

“It is a gathering call. The infected from different groups are coming together.” Ardo said. “The smoke signals have a common #motif apart the one in the middle. That is the call and others reply.” Grye scoffed at the notion but Morda nodded. “We have to return fast.” #vss365

Grye had insisted on taking as much stuff as possible. Ardo was huffing as he tried to keep up with the huge pile of furs on his back. It had been a #midnight when they finally had left the camp. Scouts were against that. Trekking through the woods in the night was folly. #vss365

Ardo jogged into Toran, who had stopped suddenly. He looked past him and saw what could only be described as a #totem. One made out of people who had vanished in the night. It was a horrific display of both the savagery of infected and idiocy of Grye. “They are uneaten?” #vss365

Toran stopped by a rock and looked at it. “Ardo, we are going wrong direction. The moss is on wrong side.” Ardo pointed down, “#fog too. We are going too much towards the south.” Ardo wanted to stop them but knew Grye would not believe what he would say. #vss365

Toran pushed the tables to the doorway while Ardo kept throwing rocks at the Infected to keep them at bay. It was too easy to do so and that really bothered him. “Ardo, what is this place?” He looked around for signs of old. “Something about Nofolk #bistro, food I think?” #vss365

The infected had swarmed the place, they had known ways in that Toran nor Ardo could even imagine. The tiny closet they had escaped had still a door. Toran had to #embrace Ardo to fit in. “Ardo, you know…” “I do.” “I just wish…” Ardo interrupted “Stop talking already.”#vss365

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