Red Fever #vss365

Ardo rolled away from the infected. He had lost his mace and had managed to escape by dropping the shield after being swarmed. He saw Toran leap high over him. From the #zenith of the arc, he brought down the hammer crumpling one of the infected and kicking others away. #vss365 Toran motioned Ardo to… Read More »

Legacies – Lord Bennion’s Shadow

Life of a young boy is tough if you are not born into a wealthy enough family. When you are an orphan with a thick accent, things are even harder. Etienne Flores had learnt that fact the day he was cast of the ship where his parents had died of Red Fever. He had been… Read More »

Patrolman Douglas I

The water felt freezing and sapped strength. It crushed Douglas as was the fool pushing his head underwater. There was a wave of panic waiting for him to give in. Douglas tried to get the hands off his hair but he the cold and the lack of air had made him weak. It was not… Read More »

Black Manor #vss365

Lady Miranda flicked her crop close to the privates of the naval officer. She could not recall his name but he was not her client anyway. “Always remember that some men are all macho out there but in the Black Manor, we peel away that #veneer by applying little pain.” #vss365 “Money is like poison… Read More »

George sees all #vss365

George picked up the headphones and put some loud music on. The Banshee twins had returned by the #voice coming from down the street. He looked out of the window and saw the pair with dishevelled hair coming to blows. Banshees are very territorial even against their twin. #vss365 George rubbed his eyes and the… Read More »