Worlds escaping my mind.


A fantasy world on the verge of the industrial revolution with varied locations from the Empire to Yellow dust desert. Stories of people in different nations battling each other, supporting others and leaving legacies.

Satellite Nation.

A world is torn asunder and leaving the people living on islands of the old world while the rest of the world is alien to life. A single nation travelling around the Inner nation and tries to survive the predations of them. The world has magic but the Magi are as dangerous as the summoned Gods they serve.

Pilot Fishes.

A sci-fi universe where remaining humans are a protected species. From a multi-planet empire to existing on the whim of the Sectum who arrived from beyond the galaxy.

Battle Barge Anne.

A capital warship of the Union was thrown to the unknown galaxy and crashlanded on a foreign planet whose inhabitants do not welcome them. The crew tries to survive and get the Barge back to space and then perhaps find a way home.

El Montero.

A father, murderer, mercenary and priest. A man who had it all and lost it in a whirlpool of violence, revenge, and madness. Trying to walk the straight and narrow but past comes to collect.


Miroslav “Mike Hammer” Kladivo is a modern-day adventurer and a mercenary. He mainly deals with the criminal elements of the world but with an attempt to better the situation of the common man where possible.

Black Manor.

A hub of power with a brothel where the Lady and Madame rule. You may go there and with money perhaps get what you want but break a rule and you will be broken too.

George The Seer.

George is retired and wants nothing but spend that time in peace and quiet but things as slipping into his world from mythological beasts to the divine and not so divine beings. He does his best to smooth things over so people would leave him be.